Website update, breaking stuff and moving everything elsewhere

Not sure if this will even reach the right people at this point. I just realised I should’ve posted this BEFORE changing the domain on my wordpress install… Anyhow here it goes.

With the start of a new year I realised I was paying for a license while I already had wordpress options on the domain I pay for. At first I just linked the paid domain to this install but that broke some of the stuff on my paid domain and didn’t fix the fact I was paying twice for the same things.

So now my solution is to cancel my subscription and instead move everything to the domain I have and had since a long time already. That results in 2 things. 1) my current blog will go away somewhere in Spring when the subscription is not extended. So all this content will no longer be available. I already changed the subdomain on from to so honestly I already broke most of it.

So at this point it doesn’t really matter anymore what else I brake and change :D. The second point is that I exported this content and imported it back into my own wordpress installation at So from now on that is the place to be. Except for this writing all new posts will be created on that blog instead.

2 gedachtes over “Website update, breaking stuff and moving everything elsewhere

    1. Hey Marcus, I’ve just added a search and a subsribe option to the the new install. Still testing so not sure if it will work right away. I’ll keep an eye open for issues though. Good remark, thanks for pointing this out (and for following).

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